Replace Less. Save More.

Duracell Australia Pty Ltd
Friday, 10 November, 2023

Replace Less. Save More.

Wireless devices of today have very different power needs to that of the past, technology has advanced and so have the power requirements.

Duracell’s professional battery brand, Procell, has developed a new range of professional batteries with higher capacity and longevity, resulting in less frequent battery replacements and savings on associated operating costs and environmental impacts. Batteries can be a costly outlay for medical companies, having to replace them more often, increases the cost of purchasing more batteries, but also the cost and time of having to replace them. So how can Procell help?

Leading Technology

Through intensive device testing in its labs and working closely with manufacturers, Procell discovered a way to extend battery life, by focusing on the device power needs they were able to develop a dual portfolio of batteries with unique power profiles. All Procell batteries are tested to guarantee the highest quality and reliable performance. Environmental testing is also conducted to ensure dependable and consistent use.

Batteries can last significantly longer

Increase your battery life and performance with Procell’s dual portfolio. Procell Intense for high-drain devices and Procell Constant for low-drain devices. The difference between the two is how they operate, a high-drain device will normally have moving parts and require frequent bursts of high power to function, whereas a low-drain device has less frequent use and no moving parts.

Powering the medical industry

Batteries play an important role in the overall safety, performance, and reliability of many medical devices. Medical devices are increasingly technology focused and the number of battery-powered devices will continue to grow. While there are many advantages to using batteries in medical device applications, such as backup power or portability, having reliable devices is paramount and having long-lasting batteries is essential. Procell batteries have been specifically designed for the professional end-user, including medical practitioners. Procell batteries can be used in a number of medical devices including glucometers, blood pressure monitors, spirometers and pulse oximeters.

Calculate your savings

Procell uses a cost calculator to help you see what you can save on your battery costs, not only the cost to purchase them, but also the cost it takes to replace them. Through market research they have built an online tool that tracks the increased battery life their batteries can deliver against other brands of batteries. This is through the use of device testing with manufacturers.

Latest innovation

Procell have an extensive range of professional batteries, recently they have launched Procell Intense high-power lithium batteries, which have extended battery life and longer end of life notification — CR123 and CR2. Also recently launched are their new Process Intense Lithium coin batteries that have the very best in child safety, a bitterant coating on the coin itself that helps to combat the problems with accidental swallowing, child safe packing and engraved warning symbols.


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