Aladdin Temp-Rite Disposable Lids

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Wednesday, 01 November, 2023

Aladdin Temp-Rite Disposable Lids

With Aladdin Temp-Rite - Reduce labour hours with disposable lids by finding your fit!

Cling wrap / plastic wrap has been a foodservice staple for decades. It helps preserve food by blocking oxidation to maintain freshness and protects food items from a germ environment while in transit from one destination to another. Although Cling wrap / plastic wrap offers much-needed flexibility, replacing it with disposable lids can eliminate unnecessary labour and reduce costs within healthcare foodservice departments.

Dishware disposable lids are designed to fit various plates and bowls, creating a convenient option for healthcare foodservice staff when covering and presenting food. Disposable lids remove the hassle of staff manually measuring, cutting, and wrapping food items with Cling wrap / plastic wrap, which eliminates the time spent on these tasks.

Recently a study conducted by Aladdin Temp-Rite USA, a fascinating comparison between cling wrap / plastic wrap and disposable lids shed light on a significant breakthrough in efficiency.

According to the findings, employees can cover dishware with disposable lids a staggering 70% faster than traditional plastic wrap. This revolutionizes healthcare foodservice, where time management is crucial. For instance, a 400-bed hospital that covers an average of 1.5 items per tray per patient meal could save an impressive 2,000 labour hours per year by switching from plastic wrap to disposable lids.

ATR disposable lids provide a sanitary choice for healthcare operations seeking to enhance their presentation. Aladdin Temp-Rite disposable lids pair perfectly with our dishware, creating convenient use for patients and foodservice staff.

Disposable products offer an effective labour-saving strategy in healthcare foodservice. By replacing traditional dishware with disposable alternatives, staff can significantly reduce the labour-intensive process of ware-washing.

Ware-washing, or the process of washing dishes, can be labour-intensive in healthcare foodservice for several reasons:

With strict food safety and hygiene regulations, healthcare foodservice operations must clean and sanitise all dishware and equipment used in food preparation. These standards may involve multiple steps, including pre-rinsing, washing, sanitising and air drying — a process which can be time-consuming and require manual labour.

Volume and variety of dishware: Healthcare foodservice involves serving numerous patients, staff, and visitors. The wide variety of dishes used further adds to the complexity and labour of the ware-washing process.

Infection control: The ware-washing process may involve using high-temperature water, specialised detergents, and sanitising agents to effectively eliminate pathogens. These measures require careful attention and adherence to protocols, adding to the labour of the task.

Disposable products, including disposable dinnerware, high-heat disposables, and disposable lids, offers several advantages. They reduce the need for dishwashing labour, reducing staff workload and operational costs. Like disposable lids, disposable products reduce the risk of contamination and improve overall sanitation, enhancing food safety and patient satisfaction.

Visit “find your fit” to see which lid fits your needs. Or simply contact one of our dedicated and experienced Healthcare Account Managers 1300 268 798.

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